At 16 years old it began with a rented cassette 4-track recorder.
I was single-minded, playing with sound.
The resulting music often represented my experience
while others were soundtracks to imagined scenes from pretend films.
I'd make mix tapes of these pieces for friends.

In the 90s I strayed from sounds to songs. Playing in bands.
Songs are just another way of organizing sound anyway.

In the new millennium
Technology became limitless in a hurry
… useful but often cold.
I reconnected to tapes
playing with combinations, chance, reaction
as compositional tools.

LOFI LIBRARY is an ongoing art project for 2019

A weekly-updated collection of sound pieces (2 each week)
with an experimental approach to 4-track recording using recovered old tapes.
New works-in-progress and old.
Some pieces decades old have been left in tact, others manipulated.
A return to the initial inspiration of creating with sound.